Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Camille 10 months

Look who turned 10 months old. . .

 Camille continues to be her happy, go lucky little self . . .

Loves: Eating, smiling, eating, pulling up on anything and everything, getting into anything and everything, eating, being tickled, dancing when she hears a beat, reading books, splashing in the bath, eating, playing with big sister, watching mommy blow bubbles, "cooking" in Clara's play kitchen, making "music" on her toy drum, eating, and riding in the grocery cart.

Does Not Love: When her mean parents take away anything from her that she does not feel is justified (basically everything), getting her face or nose cleaned, or changing clothes because that would require you know, sitting still for approximately five seconds.

Schedule: She continues to sleep 7pm-7am on average and takes two naps a day about 10am and 2pm or 2:30pm. She started waking up at night to eat a few weeks ago, but hasn't the passed three nights, so maybe she was hitting a growth spurt? She eats three meals a day of baby-food/finger-foods (leaning more towards all finger-foods) and a 5-6oz bottle of formula every four hours. (I stopped pumping at 8 months.)

Size 4 daytime diapers (pushing a 5) & size 5 overnights

Size 12 month clothes & size 1 or 2 shoe

Can you see that little green thing out of the corner of her mouth? Yes, she stole my veggie chip & then laughed about it.

Cuties riding around in Target. Oh, and just to clarify. . . Brandon put a random Christmas headband on Camille while browsing the Target isles . . . just FYI. So no, I did not purposefully put that on her head before leaving the house.

Playing and being cute. . .

Developments: Camille is a talker! She babbles all the day long, which I love. She can pull to stand and has stood for about 3-5 seconds without holding on to anything. She has cruised the ottoman a few times. She loves to grab our hands and have us walk her around the house. She also loves to clap and wave hi & bye-bye. And dance!! Turn up the music and this girl can get down to the beat! (Let's hope this love of dancing dies off by the teen years mmmmmkay?)

Camille & her little buddy, Zane, during lunch out one day. . . 

Had to get a picture of them in front of the Christmas tree . . .

Happy ten months, Camille! You are such a gift. Can't imagine our life without you in it! 

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