Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend Links 11/7/14

A Season of Lightness
If these walls could talk

Special Needs
What does SPD feel like?
Dear Newly Inducted Special Needs Parent (Please pardon the language b/c this is worth the read.)

And a few pictures of Camille from her little Sunday school class last week. Why are babies in bucket seats so stinking cute?

And this picture. . . Camille & her buddy, Zane. They were sharing snacks and staring at each other and flashing smiles. You guys. . . I can't even handle it. We will just save this one for the wedding slideshow.

Happy weekend!


  1. I like how it looks like Camille is stealing her friend's snack in that one pic! Too cute!

  2. She is too cute in that outfit/headband!

  3. I really appreciated the special needs articles today. C is being evaluated for sensory processing issues this week and next. It's been an overwhelming experience and I'm trying to understand it all. Thanks for the info (as always!).


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