Monday, September 22, 2014

Chicken For Cohen Syndrome!

We are excited to announce that Chickfila Greatwood is partnering with us by hosting a Spirit Night to help raise Awareness for Cohen Syndrome! Our Clara (left) and her precious friend, Kathrine (right), were lucky enough to have been diagnosed at an early age. We are so very thankful to have a fellow Cohen family nearby (it has been diagnosed in fewer than 1,000 cases worldwide)!

November 21st is a special day for our family, as it marks the one year anniversary that we learned of Clara's diagnosis. We hope to do something on or near this day each year in her honor, to raise awareness & celebrate the beautiful special needs community. We hope you can join us by attending our Spirit Night. Money raised at the Spirit Night will go directly to the Cohen Syndrome Association. Check the flyer for details & please mark your calendars! 

We are so grateful to our family and friends that have walked this journey with us, and who will continue to do so in the years to come. We are blessed by your support, constant encouragement (especially on those hard days), and prayers! Brandon and I feel very convicted that despite all of the hard, God chose us for this journey for a reason, and are committed to making the most of everyday. We feel honored that God selected us to be Clara's parents.

Hope to see you on 11/21!

For more information on Cohen Syndrome click here

I apologize in advance for blowing up social media between now and 11/21 with posts regarding the Spirit Night. Go big or go home! 


  1. That is so awesome!!! Yay CFA!!! And super cool that you have a fellow Cohen family so close!

  2. Yay, we will most definitely be there! And I will happily spread the word (although probably when it gets a little closer)!

  3. Wow! So awesome!! I would love to try to come! I am going to mark it on my calendar and then see what we can do! :)


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