Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekend Links 7/4/14

Happy 4th of July. So thankful for this holiday and what it really means for our country.

Embrace Life
7 Reasons every woman should love their body
On why I make my kids do things they don't want to do

Special Needs
Is SPD a real medical condition?
Why my son doesn't make me a "special kind of person"  (Love this part . . . "I am not ignoring the extra time and energy it takes to carry a wheelchair up a flight of stairs.  I am not pretending that my son is just like everyone else.  But when we glorify his friends, or his mother, or his one-day prom date, we imply that he is less-than. We imply that those with disabilities are not equally lovable—that it takes someone “special” to muster up this kind of affection.  It seems we reveal our innermost bias—at least I think did." Amen and amen.)

No pics of my girlies this week. . . we were hit hard with sickness. Well, mainly Clara . . . think high fever/virus/Roseola (was not an ear infection, as I previously guessed). One symptom of Cohens is neutropenia, which makes one more susceptible to viruses/sickness and the like, and it takes much longer for their body to fight off compared to someone who doesn't have Cohens. This explains why it is not uncommon for Clara to get sick every month and a half or so, and said sickness usually lasts a full week or longer. Yesterday was a better day overall, praise the Lord, so I am hopeful that we are on the road to recovery!

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Boo, so sorry to hear you had sickies at your house, too! Glad Clara is feeling better and hope that continues to be the case for a while!

    Happy 4th to y'all!


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