Monday, July 7, 2014

Crazy rashes & crazy headbands

I mentioned this past Friday that we spent most of last week helping Clara recover from a nasty virus. Poor girl had a rough, rough week. She was struggling to eat (finally got a meal in her Saturday night), sleep, and cried a majority of the day. We had lots of cuddles, which was a bonus, but man, I hate to watch her little body suffer.

Our week looked a lot like this. . .

Sweet girl was NOT having it at the Dr's office. . .

The rash. . . I have no idea what it was but I am guessing Roseola. Who knows!

You can really see it in the pic below. . .

In an effort to offset some sadness, we put Camille in the pigtail headband my mom bought for Clara when she was a baby. . . I think she liked it!

For the 4th of July we were supposed to have dinner with friends & play games, but we canceled on Thursday since Clara was still out of sorts and not fully recovered. Plus, we didn't want to pass on her virus to their kids. So. . . on Friday morning we spent time playing at home and then went to my parents house for dinner. I figured that passing off a virus to family is acceptable, right? Ha!

A huge thanks to Brandon for capturing this pic of me & Camille. I volunteered to hold her during her afternoon nap because I am so selfless like that  really needed an excuse to sleep myself. When Clara is sick nobody sleeps.

Brandon decided it was necessary to spruce up our dinner festivities and ran a quick errand and came home with this. . . the loot. . .

"What exactly did you just put on my head???"

"Seriously, y'all are so not cool."

Sister shot in their matching, crazy festive headbands. . .

I mean. . .

Yesterday was spent relaxing at home after church. I got in another two hour nap (seriously I don't joke. . . when Clara is sick nobody sleeps.) Post Sunday nap fun in mommy & daddy's bed. . . love these two with my whole heart!!!

And a little sister playtime. . .
Make it a great week!


  1. Love those ridiculous headbands!! But that leg rash looks awful!!! Poor thing. Hope she feels much better soon!!

  2. Those girls are rocking the headbands! And I am no doctor, but that sure looks like roseola to me - Davis has had it twice, and both times were unfun. Hope she is feeling much, much better today!

  3. Hate the sickness but love the headbands and all the cute pics! And you're probably right about roseola, but when I had hives a few years ago, it looked a lot like that too... anything she could be allergic to? Regardless, glad she's feeling better and hope you're all able to get some rest and recover soon!!

  4. Love all those sweet sister pics!! I hate that Clara had that horrible rash! :( Poor baby!

  5. Ellie had roseola and it sounded just like that. Thankfully I think it's ken that they don't get again!

  6. Nora pretty much had that identical rash a week ago and was a MESS! And good news is that Zoe never got it so there is hope for the rest of you! :)

  7. Daddy always knows what to do! The girls in their headbands... ADORABLE! :) Hoping The Blackburn household is healthy and happy again!!!

  8. Seriously... those headbands are awesome!!! haha


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