Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Links 7/25/14

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Special Needs 
Overcoming an ADHD diagnosis
The Frustration of a Non-verbal Child

And some pics from this week. . .

Just lounging after her 6 month shots. . .

 Sleeping with her little ducky toy. . . I cannot even handle it. . .

And she's up. . . this girl always greets me with the biggest smile when I come to get her out of bed. I look forward to these smiles so much. And please note she is still holding on to the little duck.

After visiting the children's museum awhile back, and discovering Clara's love for the ball pit, my amazing parents created a ball pit at their house, just for her! She LOVES it and anytime we go to their house she goes straight for it and crawls right in. My parents are out of town this week, but we went over there anyway because Clara + ball pit = pure joy. And because sometimes you just need a change of scenery ifyouknowwhatimean. 

She that sweet little look on her face? Peace, contentment, and joy. . . 

Friday is here!!!


  1. 1. Your parents sound awesome.
    2. Love the sweet pics of Camille with her ducky!

  2. Love Camille's rainbow of pacifiers!!! Glad she has a variety to pick from!! And I would love that ball pit too. Especially the knowledge that it's only HER germs floating around in there. Way to go, Mom and Dad!!!

  3. Ditto to Allison's comments! Camille is always so sweet and smiley in pictures- I need to see her in person to verify whether or not she's that happy in real life :)

  4. I don't comment often but wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your links, especially those on special needs topics. And that is just so sweet about your parents making Clara a ball pit. Thanks for your blog!


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