Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend Links 6/27/14

A few Friday links . . .

Faces over Facebook, People over Pixels
When becoming a mama isn't what you imagined
For the days you got nothing done 
They notice cakes
The background

Special Needs
A brand new week
Tips for speech and language development in kids 
Why do sensory kids brain get overloaded? (a video)
5 Common Myths about Auditory Processing Disorder 
Grace App for Autism on the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch 

And a few Friday pics. . .

 So much joy. . . be still my heart. . .

Bath-time = Clara's favorite time

Love these two faces so much. . .


  1. Ahhhh look at Camille's face in that last picture!! She totally knows how to mug for the camera!!!!

  2. They are so beautiful! Love the photos!


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