Monday, July 14, 2014

Camille 6 months

Yep,  it is true. . . our littlest girl turns 6 months old today. How that is even possible I will never know. I feel like I just gave birth to her yesterday.

She sat up for the first time on July 4th (pic above is from that day)! I love, love this developmental milestone. Feels like they are automatically more interactive and interested in the world around them. So fun to see her truly engaged in play!

We tested out baby food about a week or so ago. She seems to like it! Getting used to the idea for sure, but overall she is doing well. And chewing on the spoon seems to be her fav part. We are just giving once a day, in the evening, and will probably add in another meal at 7 months.

Just playing. . . and no, I don't leave her on the couch when I am not sitting next to her. :)

Weight/Height/HC - 18 pounds 2 oz / 26.5 inches / 17.24 inches

Size 6 months clothes / size 3 daytime diapers & size 4 overnights / size 1 shoe

She officially sleeps un-swaddled (just weaned her off!) which is great because she can now put her paci in during the night if it falls out. She goes to bed about 8pm and sleeps until 7am. Sometimes she will wake to eat about 5am or so, although sometimes not. We do think the baby food is helping her stretch till morning without eating. She naps about three times a day.

She is so full of joy, and smiles all. the. time. Love it! She is a very happy baby and (now at this stage) rarely cries unless she is just way too overtired.

We love you, Camille! Happy 6 months sweetie girl!!


  1. Can't believe she's 6 months!! She's precious. Congrats on making it through those first 6 months!! xo

  2. I just love her eyes- always so smiley and animated!!

    PS- I already called CPS after seeing the couch pic... sorry, but clearly you can't be trusted with children ;)

  3. Ahhhh she is just TOO cute!!!!

  4. Happy half birthday, Camille!

  5. Goodness, she is just so cute! Happy half birthday, sweet girl! I can't believe you're six months either.

  6. Such a beautiful second baby girl! Love the sweet pictures of her!


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