Thursday, June 12, 2014

Clara's latest trick. . . from sitting to standing

For the past few weeks one of our OT homework assignments has been helping Clara learn how to go from sitting to standing, without crawling to pull up on something first. On Monday after nap time, I (lovingly) made Clara do this approximately 435 times. She was so thrilled. BUT the iPad Fisher Price ABC app kept her motivated the entire time. Check it out. . .

So proud of her! She still can't quite do it 100%, and I have only seen her attempt this on her own (when we are not actively working on it) a few times, but nonetheless practice makes perfect, right?

And little sister just enjoying the show. . .


  1. She is one determined little girl! And I love how much Camille seems to be concentrating on the whole event, like she is super invested in it :)

  2. Yay, Clara!! And I love how Camille looks like she's watching and taking notes for when it's her turn :)

  3. Oh my word!!! Congratulations momma and Clara!! She looks pro to me! I am so excited for you guys!! And, you make an awesome coach, FYI!!

  4. Yay, Clara! :) Also, love how focused Camille is on this.


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