Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekend Links 6/6/14

Hope you all had a great week. Some reading for you this weekend. . .

I Need to Rest - Lisa Leonard via (in)courage . . . "I want to see rest as a priority and not a luxury. I want to slow down and let things be imperfect so they can be more better. I want to rest before I am overextended." Amen to that. 
Take back your schedule (like a boss) - Grace Uncommon
Always In Pursuit (7 Ways to Be More Content) - Living Well, Spending Less
The Problem With Not Having Any Losers - We Are That Family

Eating Disorder and/or Mental Health/Self Esteem
Eating = healing
Overcoming denial 

Special Needs 
I Have One Too
How to make cooking a sensory experience
A ministry for parents at the end of their rope - love this! 
To The Mother of the Adult Son With Down Syndrome in the Grocery Store Today

Picture from Clara's routine eye appointment. . . Routine appts are necessary to check for any signs of retinal dystrophy (common with Cohen Syndrome) and to stay on top of her prescription. Praise God for no changes noted! Even still, we will be doing a more extensive eye test towards the end of this month, which will show her potential for vision, and which areas of her brain light up when presented with various lenses/prisms. (In other words, to see how her eyes interact with the brain when given different stimulation.) More to come. . .

I was actually able to get a high pony tail/bun on this girl.  iPad was totally necessary in order for this to happen. Cutest ever.

And a few pictures from my parents house, while I went into work this week. Love how in the last picture it looks as if they are having their own little conversation. 

It's Friday!


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  2. Love the last pic where it looks like they're chatting- looks like Clara is concentrating really hard on whatever Camille is saying!!


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