Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our last few weeks. . . Clara's sickness continues

So Clara has been a little under the weather ever since we returned from our annual CT vacation. I took her in to the Dr a week ago and was told she had just a cold or allergies as her chest and ears looked clear, and to start her on a once a day OTC allergy med for kids. Dr told us to come back in a week for an antibiotic if her symptoms (horrible cough, tons of green snot, sneezing, coughing, more green snot, coughing, etc. . . did I mention horrible coughing?) worsened or the allergy med wasn't helping. Well here we are a week later and things have sadly intensified. :(

Our Dr told us that kids get an average of 10 colds a year the first two years and that the symptoms can last an average of two weeks. . . well I think we are right on par with that stat.

Yesterday was the worst, probably the worst off I have seen her in a LONG time. She basically cried from 8am-12pm and would not let me put her down. She was in and out of sleep and crying on an off and so we rocked and rocked and rocked some more in her glider. For four hours. Poor baby! Anytime I would get her asleep and try to put her in bed (or lay down with her in our guest bed) she would cry (and not a teeny little cry, like ALL out shrieking cry. . . this is not like Clara, aka the most laid back baby toddler in the entire world). So we called the Dr again, got an antibiotic and are praying she makes a turn for the better here soon.

 On our way to the Dr. . . pitiful face!

We stayed home from church Sunday and had to cancel dinner plans with Amanda and her fam. This is how she spent most of Sunday. She was awake but would only lift her head up to cough. Daddy enjoyed lots of extra snuggles.

And yesterday in midst of the four hour crying session. This was right after I got her to sleep again for the 500th time. It was so sad! But like daddy on Sunday, I embraced the cuddle time that I know will not always be so available. There is something amazingly powerful about knowing your child finds peace and contentment in your arms and nowhere else, you know? Kind of like this post. So so powerful. Can't think of a better word. 

And last night. . . poor kid. She didn't even want to open her eyes.

I guess it's safe to say we won't be taking Clara out trick or treating Thursday night??? Antibiotic. . . let's get this show on the road!


  1. Sick babies are the saddest :( hope she kicks it ASAP - for her sake and yours!

  2. Awww poor baby!! She looks so sweet and sad! :( I hope she feels better soon!

  3. Poor baby, I hope she starts feeling better soon. All 3 of us have the same crud for the last couple of weeks and we finally seem to be on the mend! Hopefully y'all can say the same soon.

    P.S. - her cuddled up clutching her blanket is the sweetest thing ever :).

  4. Poor baby :( Colby got on an antibiotic recently for his (persistent) cough (I might have already told you this) and it made a major difference, especially in his sleep!! Hope the meds work for her soon!!

  5. Oh, poor baby girl. Hope she is better in no time. is so hard to see our kiddos sick and uncomfortable.

  6. Oh no!! I hope she feels better soon!!


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