Monday, October 21, 2013

An Overview of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

I follow the blog, Sensory Spectrum, and not too long ago they posted a video of Author Lindsey Biel who gave an extensive and great overview of SPD.

I get a lot of questions about SPD (what is it?, what do it mean?, what does it mean for Clara?, what are the symptoms and treatment plan? etc.) ever since Clara was "diagnosed." Her OT diagnosed her several months ago, although SPD is not medically recognized in the DSM. OT's are usually the ones to make the diagnosis. 

This video is lengthy, but definitely worth your time if you are a parent, family member, friend, teacher, therapist etc of a child who has even slight sensory issues. Biel does a fantastic job at breaking down SPD and giving insight into the what, when, how and whys of sensory processing. 

Our family can identify with a lot of the information in this clip.

I hope some of you have a few extra minutes (or a little over 62 to be exact) to watch and expand your awareness on this very real life issue, that effects children and families around the world. Enjoy!

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