Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Links 11/1/13 and Clara's Halloween costume

We skipped out on Trick or Treating last night, due to Clara's crazy week. And looks as though we made a good choice because she cried and cried and cried last night from 7:30 - almost midnight. Sigh. Poor baby girl. Not sure what is going on. We are kind of baffled actually. Is it all due to her recent sickness, possible teething, some separation anxiety stuff starting to make an appearance? Last night, like this entire week, we have tried everything, every trick in the book, and nothing seems to help. So we press on. . . just praying she will make a positive turn around here soon.

(And of course Ive been wide awake since 4:50am because well. . . why would a 28 week pregnant person need more than 4 hr 50 min of sleep??! Thank you insomnia. And back pain. And. . . Ok, I'm really not complaining. Thankful that there is even a reason I am experiencing these issues in the first place. Because a spontaneous pregnancy was not promised to me. So praise God for that! Perspective.)

And here's a little pic of Clara in her costume last week right before we took her up to our church's pumpkin patch event. At least we got a few pics of our cutie ladybug, even if a week early!

And a few links for your weekend reading pleasure. . . Enjoy!

There you are - Simple Mom (quick reminder on how our body language and demeanor communicates volumes, sometimes much more than words)
Six reasons I love living in a small house - The Better Mom (this is percisely why I never want to move)

Eating Disorder, Mental Health and/or Self Esteem
Of Mothers and Monsters - (in)courage (powerful testimony from a woman who suffered with severe PPMD)

Infertility and/or Miscarriage
The Other Side of Me - Walking Through the Dark - The Better Mom


  1. The body language blog is particularly touching to me. I could be more open when I walk into a room, or run into an acquaintance, I have a tendency to let my shyness overwhelm me and miss great opportunities to connect with someone. Good post! Loved seeing Clara at PPP! a

  2. Grandma FrecklesNovember 01, 2013

    Clara is the cutest lady bug I've seen although I may be somewhat prejudiced!

  3. Sweet little lady bug! Really hope she's feeling better soon :/

  4. Ah. Precious lady bug! Hang in there mama. Hope she is feeling better soon!

  5. Cutest little lady bug I've ever seen!


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