Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekend Links 7/12/13

Thanks for all of your congrats on our baby news! We are really excited and cannot wait to learn if we are having a baby girl or boy (and no, we don't care either way, we really don't). Hope you enjoy a few links for reading this weekend. There are some really good ones!

For When We Have to Wait - (in)courage "So next time we are forced to wait, for a child, for an ever-late husband, for a project or a venture to be born into existence, maybe we can rest in the waiting, knowing that it’s making us ready for the next thing." - Powerful message!
The time I spanked my daughter in the parking lot: or, parenting opinion vs. judgement - The Happiest Home (love the general message here that we can all have differing opinions regarding x, y or z, without actually judging one another).
That Time I was on the Today Show - Jen Hatmaker (I was able to catch her segment a few weeks ago. I thought she did a great job!)

Food and/or Recipes 
(Pizza, salad and warm, soft cookies seem to be my 1st trimester pregnancy foods of choice. Could eat homemade pizza and salad every. single. day.) 
Whole Wheat Pesto Pizza - Cait's Plate
Triple Berry Summer Salad - Iowa Girl Eats
Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies - Eat, Live, Run

ED and/or Self Esteem
Resources for fathers and eating disorders -  Surviving Anorexia
The other side of hunger cues: fullness cues - ED Bites (As one who has recovered from an ED I can attest that the idea presented here is SO true!)
Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified - The Somethings Fishy Website on Ed's


  1. Loved all of the Life articles today! I want to try that pizza- or maybe I'll just be lazy and get one from Pepperoni's? :)

  2. Congrats again on your wonderful news! Great links today... I nearly cried reading the spanking article. Such an emotional way to describe the down-and-dirty truth that is parenting and a great reminder to judge less. Happy weekend!


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