Monday, July 29, 2013

Sickness and a surprise

Our weekend was pretty low key. Clara has been sick since Tuesday night and unfortunately, her symptoms kept lingering. All. Weekend. Long. Lots of congestion, stuffy breathing, coughing, coughing and more coughing, and green snot have pretty much been our world. And this all happened after only a week of her being off an antibiotic for a sinus infection which means, there has been lots of sickness around here. Poor girl hasn't been sleeping well (at all) since of course her symptoms get worse at night, which I know is normal, just hard to watch her feel so pitiful. 

BUT. . . 
Despite all the sickness and snot, Clara surprised us with a HUGE milestone this weekend... 

She pulled to stand! 

Twice in therapy on Friday
(yes, I took her to therapy despite being sick, don't judge, I did take her to the Dr directly following so maybe that cancels out my stupidity?)

And several times Saturday and Sunday!

She crawled right up to the laundry basket and crate below, put her arms at the top of each, and pushed her cutie little self right on up... 

and then wiped three gallons of snot all over said laundry basket/crate. :)

And when she wasn't showing off her new skills, our weekend was pretty much spent like this...
We hardly left the house Saturday or Sunday. 
Being sick calls for a little extra Baby Einstein watching, right???

Here's to hoping that Clara's development only continues to flourish and surprise us,
while her sickness does not! 


  1. She is SO cute standing up-- she looks so tall!!! Hope she feels better soon...I like how she doesn't let a little snot keep her from working out! I should be so wise. ;)

  2. Ahh she looks like such a big girl!! Yay, Clara! Also, Lily is ridiculously obsessed with that blanket, too. Out of all 4 from the pack, the elephant is definitely her favorite. She will not leave the house without it, and always knows exactly where it is, no matter what.

  3. Boo for being sick, but YAY for standing!! Go Clara! She'll be running away from you in parking lots before you know it ;)

  4. So exciting! I feel like she is doing new tricks left and right now!!

    Sorry she's feeling crummy, though :o/ We thought about calling y'all yesterday to see if you wanted to meet up for an impromptu dinner out (but decided to be lame and go alone at 5 pm), but it sounds like y'all were on house arrest- hope she feels better soon!!

  5. Grandma FrecklesJuly 29, 2013

    I'm so incredibly proud of the accomplishments that Clara has made! I especially commend you for being such a good mother in general and diligently taking her for therapy, other appointments, and then working with her at home. That alone takes such dedication and perseverance, because "just being a parent" is tiring! We love you all so much, and we're looking forward to the next chapter of your lives.

  6. She is still so cute even when she's sick! So proud of her pulling up skills. Way to go Clara!!

  7. YAYYYY C! she is soooo cute in those pics, too. what a great surprise!

  8. That's so exciting!!!! Good job Clara!!!


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