Friday, July 27, 2012

Weekend Links 7/27/12

This House Is Not My Home - (in)courage
When It's Best Not To Listen To That Voice In Your Head - (in)courage
When your finding it hard to be patient - (in)courage
How To Be Nice In The Morning - A Video Story - Inspired To Action
Outsmart Your Own Brain and Spend Less Money - Simple Mom
how to teach empathy to our kids (bully prevention begins at home) - Rage Against The Minivan
parents, please educate your kids about adoption so mine don't have to - Rage Against The Minivan
The Fountain of Youth - Jamie Schulz
Impromptu sermon, part 2 - Meet The Joiners

Food and/or Recipes
Lasagna Roll Ups - Rumbly In My Tumbly 
Garlic Chicken Quinoa w/ Basil and Peppers - Matt and Kara Adopt
Bacon, Cheese and Peach Panini  - iowa girl eats
Cookie Dough Fondue - Cookies & Cups
Coffee Cake Muffins w/ Pecan Streusel - Brown Eyed Baker
Nutella Pretzel Brownies - Pass the Plate
Sour Cream Coffee Cake - Mommy? I'm Hungry!

Eating Disorder and/or Self Esteem
Aging and Eating Disorders - WATRD
Overcoming Fear of Fat- WATRD
What CAN mortal man do to me? - True Worth
Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat? - Self Magazine
Eating Disorders During Pregnancy - American Pregnancy Association

Enjoy your weekend!!!


  1. Have a great week! I hope you and your sweet baby girl are having fun!

  2. LOVE that "please educate your kids about adoption" post...thanks for sharing!!

  3. Now I am going to spend all afternoon reading the 'life' posts. Thanks for the roundup!


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