Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Clara 2 months

My baby girl just turned two months old! She is the sweetest thing ever and while we are not getting much sleep (thanks to some colicky episodes that last 1.5 - 3.5 hours, depending on the night) we are loving our girl more and more every day. 

Happy 2 months, Clara!! 
Photos taken on July 2, 2012 

My attempt at a photo session was apparently wearing her out. Or she was just bored. :)

Ok. I'll open my eyes if you will just hurry up.

Seriously. Now you are just annoying me.

Annoyed face #2.

Scared out of her mind look.
I keep telling her if she will sleep longer at night her momma wouldn't look so scary come morning. :)

And I'm done. Thank you very much. 

A few stats at 2 months:
Weight: 8 pounds 13 ounces
Length: 21.25 inches
Head: 14.02 inches
BMI: 13.71 kg/m2

Vaccines: Got four total at her two month check up! I think I was more sad than she was, ha!

Percentile: 3rd (While she is on the small side, and obviously low on the percentile charts, our pedi isn't concerned as she is meeting developmental milestones and growing/gaining weight appropriately.) 

Eating: Every 3-3.5 hours. Lactation consultant recommended stretching her feeds to every 3.5 hours as we were having to wake her up from naps when following the 3 hr pattern cycle. Pedi also on board. She nurses well and will also take a pumped bottle. 

Schedule: Eat, play/wake time, nap time (again, on a 3.5 hour  cycle). 

Sleeping: Clara has slept six hours without waking (only once) and at times will sleep five hour stretches (maybe 3-4 times). A four hour stretch is more typical. She really has no set bedtime because each night is different due to her colic flareups. Some nights she cries for a few hours in the early evening (typically cries 8-11pm ish, then will sleep until 3am, awake until 5am, then will sleep a few more hours before waking for the day) OR she cries late evening into early early morning (typically cries 11pm-2am ish, then will sometimes sleep until 5am or until 6:30 - 7am if we are lucky.)  

Development: Clara is getting stronger and her head control is getting better! She is lifting her head well, for brief periods of time. She is gaining strength in her arms and legs. She can recognize the voice of her mom and dad and is now starting to follow our voice with her eyes and will look at us when we are trying to talk to her. She makes lots of cooing noises. Her newborn clothes are getting snug (think baby thong) yet the 0-3 clothes are a tad too big (think football player shoulders). We now have her in size 1 diapers although, like the clothes, are a tad too big (but we haven't had any leaks just yet).

Just for fun: When Clara sneezes it is always 5-6 times in a row. I LOVE her sneezes because it always makes me laugh and smile. She also gets the hiccups all. the. time. Regardless if she burps after a feeding or not. Her hiccups will last a long time but don't ever seem to bother her. 

Adventures: Family trip to Vermont at 5 weeks old! A few sleepovers with her Nana and Freckles. 

Happy 2 month birthday sweet girl. We love you more than you know! 

To see Clara at 1 month click here


  1. So sweet!! Love her headband...and her annoyed faces!

  2. Cute blog redo. It's fun! Also, didn't know they went by Nana and Freckles. HAHA. :)

    1. Nana is my mom and Freckles is Brandon's mom :)

    2. Oh, I thought Freckles was your dad. Ha! Hope you're having a nice weekend with the fam.

  3. Aww time flies! I will be praying for more sleep for you guys, it can be rough. Bout to experience that all over again and I can say that I am terrified! She sure is a cutie! Happy mommy hood!

    1. Thanks for the prayers!! Much appreciated.

  4. So So So precious! I love your captions for her faces..priceless! Happy 2 months Clara!

  5. Love your new blog look - and sweet little Clara's long lashes!

  6. Already?!? Such cute photos, I love the number on her shirt, wish I would have thought to do that. So fun watching you enjoy your little one so much.

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  8. Oh goodness--she is a heartbreaker. And she's growing SO FAST. I can't believe it. I didn't realize you were dealing with colic of that magnitude ...that sounds awful. I will add you to my prayer list!


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