Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clara's first swim, hotdog and trip to Livingston

A few weekends back we went to Celina, TX to celebrate my nephews 5th birthday and my nieces 9 and 1/2 birthday. What? You don't have half birthday parties? You should because it was super fun. Anyways, Pakki (aka my dad, Pakki is his grandpa name) took Clara on her first swim. And he tried to feed her her first hotdog. He is known to try to pull stunts like this. . . just ask a few of the young families at our church. Many kids had their first taste of ice cream with Pakki (some with and some without parental permission!) Anyways, here is a video and a few pictures. Did she enjoy the swim? You can be the judge of that one. Enjoy!

(And no. . . Pakki didn't really give her a taste for those of you who might be concerned.)

We also recently took a trip with some friends to Brandon's parents little lake house up in Livingston, Texas. You can read all about our adventures by clicking here.

Have a great week!!!


  1. I love that he goes by Pakki. Yay for Clara's first swim and fun getaways!

  2. So cute! That pool looks so refreshing!

  3. Yeah- I'd like to know the story (if there is one) behind "Pakki"-- I've never heard that name before! She looks so cute in the pool, and I'm sure hotdogs are on the top of the "first food babies should try" list...ha.

    1. My niece (my parents first ever grandchild) came up with the name Pakki ALL on her own. We have NO idea where it came from or what sparked this fabulous name. It is quite hysterical. So my mom's name is "Nana" and my dad's name is "Pakki." Awesome, right? I don't even remember what my dad had planned for his grandpa name to be exactly. Just goes to show kids have a mind of there own. Ha!

  4. Pakki is awesome! My husband's parents wanted the traditional grammie grampie, but my oldest decided she wanted them to be mimi and papa, so they are for our family, and they are grammie and grampie for my two nieces :-)

  5. With my baby girl I was a by the book momma, and I about fainted when I found out that my hubby gave my 6 month old peanut butter. When I asked him what he was thinking, he said, "I tested it on her skin first." I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. We laugh a lot about it now. Thank goodness my baby didn't have an allergic reaction to her peanut butter bath! By the way, seems like she might not like it, but next time she probably will love it!

  6. That is just precious. She is adorable!

  7. I taught all my kids to swim by just being in the pool a lot and having fun with them. I love waterbabies.


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