Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekend Links 3/30/12

Espresso In My Bathroom - (in)courage
What To Do When Life Throws A Curve - inspired to action
Why I'm Glad We Are Quitters - inspired to action
5 Ways To Make Your Wife Smile: #1 leave her love notes - the gypsy mama
Taking Care Of Mom After Baby's Arrival - Keeper of the Home
Parenting Without FEGO (fear + ego) - The Happiest Mom
Why Do I Hire Help? Because I Want To, That's Why - The Happiest Mom

Eating Disorders and/or Self Esteem
Helping Women Manage Eating Disorders During Pregnancy - baby zone
Mommyrexia: Moms-to-be Striving to Stay Skinny - baby zone
75 Bold Tips for When Fear Grips Your Mind - The Bold Life
Mirror Mirror - Guiltless
Eating Disorder Parity: what people don't get about Binge Eating Disorder and the "war on obesity" - we are the real deal
Are you In-Secure? - (in)courage

Food and/or Recipes
Birthday Cake Batter Popcorn - eat live run
Lemon Cornmeal Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce - eat live run
DIY Frozen Breakfast Burritos - iowa girl eats
Pasta With Asparagus - Skinnytaste
Cinnamon Bread Biscuits + Honey Butter - edible perspective

Home and/or Organization
Why Clutter Is Bad For Your Bottom Line - Live Your Way (Full)
30 Things To Declutter - Organizing Your Way
"Spring into Organization" Home Tour - i heart organizing
Our Painted Entertainment Center Reveal and How To - i heart organizing
Reader Question :: Decorating With Bulky Sofas - Nesting Place

Does anyone know why some of the links come out blue while others grey? I have tried and tried to figure this out but obviously no luck.

I have been lacking in blog content over the last week but I am not stressing because my blogging philosophy has always been "post/write when something hits me" instead of forcing words just to hit publish and check it off my list. Blogging is supposed to be a fun, creative and therapeutic outlet so I am not going to let a little writers block get me down. What about you? Do you feel pressured to post x amount per week? Or do you just write when God gives you a topic?

That said...Up next week: Nature Box review and coupon code for readers + my 36 week pregnancy update! Every day is one day closer to meeting my little girl. :) Have a great weekend!


  1. They are all coming out blue for me. The gray ones are probably ones that your browser is recording that you have clicked on before.

  2. PS, I never feel pressured to post just because. I just post when I have stuff. Sometimes that's a ton of posts in a short period of time, sometimes it's a super long post, sometimes there are long dry spells. I think it keeps the blog more interesting to post when there's only something... interesting... to post. :) I don't mind when my favorite bloggers take long breaks, but I am sad when they decide to stop blogging altogether because they don't think they're posting often enough.

  3. I always love these links!!! Thank you!


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