Monday, August 8, 2016

The Day We Found Caroline's Cart

I took the girls grocery shopping the other day and was beyond thrilled to see this . . .


Insert Hallelujah Chorus.

To read more about the story behind Caroline's Cart, click here.

While Clara does not require a wheelchair, grocery shopping, or any shopping for that matter, was becoming quite difficult.

She is now too big for the traditional front basket, tries to stand up and climb over the side if I put her in the main basket, and is not mentally capable of following me around on foot. This combination typically resulted in me carrying her through the store with one arm, pushing the cart with the other arm, and constantly dialoguing with Camille to please stay next to mommy and follow along.

Which usually resulted in a smile as I passed other shoppers, but tears on the inside because goodness my girl is heavy and I wish there was a better way.

I basically jumped for joy when I saw a Caroline's Cart in our local store. Literal tears and exclamations and immediately deemed it one of the greatest days of summer.

Clara was loving it!

Little sister was loving it, too. 

Thank you, local Kroger, for caring enough about the special needs community to request a Caroline's Cart for your store. You are spreading love and joy and making an ongoing task, like grocery shopping, monumentally easier for families like us. 

Customer loyalty? You better believe it. 

To find a store near you that has a Caroline's Cart, click here


  1. I love this!! And no doubt they've found a loyal customer in you for sure. And I love that you can look in advance to see which stores have them- very cool.

  2. I love this, too!! WTG, Kroger!

  3. This is so awesome!! I think I've seen these carts in one (or some?) of our stores and not known what they were I'm glad that I didn't stupidly grab one to put Millie in...potentially taking it from someone who really needed it!! Now the next thing they need at your Kroger is a way to reserve it or schedule a time so that you know it will be available when you go there!! :)

  4. We just saw one at target the other day!


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