Saturday, August 20, 2016

Snippets Of Summer, Part 2

As many of you know, our summer took a turn from blissfully peaceful to majorly stress-filled. We jumped on the crazy train, and in some ways, the train has not landed in the station. The last six weeks or so have not been my favorite. I was ready for August to arrive, but now I am more than ready for fall to arrive.

Brandon struggled though his third round of kidney stones for the summer, and house drama continues. As a result, my funk has come and gone and come and gone, and I certainly have not been the best version of myself.

But, instead of harping on all of that, how about I share some snippets of summer, some of the good from the last few weeks?

. . .

We set Clara on the tricycle for the first time. She was a little unsure but seemed to enjoy holding on while we pushed/pulled her around the driveway.

Daddy and Ms. Camille coloring . . . An activity Camille could do all day, every day. And when daddy colors with her? The. Best. Brandon always lays on a pillow when he plays with the girls on the floor. Please note Camille needed her own pillow, too.

"Fun Friday" play-date with Molly. . . These two . . . cutest ever.

She's ready for a swim!

The Saturday after Brandon's surgery we ventured out of the house for a little carousel riding, shopping, and pizza eating. I was going stir crazy at home, the funk was weighing me down, so Brandon said "let's go!" I truly had no idea where we were headed, and didn't even ask. This outing was good for the soul. 

This summer has also brought about some new fears in this girl . . . fear of the dark, fear of thunder (which she calls "under"), and sometimes, fear of the rain. So, when we are able, we dress the part and go play and splash in the rain to help up the fun and lessen the anxiety. 

Playing daddy's ukulele. . . 

While Camille has developed new fears, she has also developed a new love . . . grocery shopping. This girl is the best little helper/shopper. Seriously, she will push the cart all over the store. We are still working on the concept of keeping your head up so that you can, you know, see where you are going. Details, details. We may or may not have knocked over a few displays.

She also loves to help pass the items to the checker. The checkers always get a kick out of this, although the people in line behind us don't always get a kick out of this. :-)

Sister hugs. . . 

Yes, child. This is what happens to your diaper when you insist on getting in the pool fully clothed.

 Clara takes the BEST selfies. . .

We celebrated Brandon's birthday earlier this month. Little did he know he would come home to a princess birthday party. A princess party is what you get when Camille is in charge. Complete with a Doc McStuffins singing card. Because of course. Daddy was thrilled to wear his tiara. 

Lounging. . . 

I went to wake Clara up one morning and saw this scene. Shirt half off. Glider cushion in her bed. Must have been a wild night. 

Sleeping angels . . .

Camille likes to get super close to the camera and talk to me. "Mommy! You see me? I awake!!!!" 

How's your summer? Anyone else itching for fall?

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  1. I do NOT love that your August didn't bring relief from the summer of frustration. I DO love a lot of things about this post, particularly Brandon's princess party, Clara's happy selfie face, and Camille getting up close to the monitor... glad to see there have been at least a few bright spots and hope the fall brings less stress :)

  2. This is a fantastic post and it made me laugh several times. I'm sorry about the kidney stones and frustrating summer, that is not enjoyable! I loved Clara's wild night and Brandon's princess party!! Hope your fall is better. I'm always itching for fall!

  3. Love the family selfie by Clara!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’—


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