Friday, July 8, 2016

Snippets Of Summer

Our summer started off with a bang, and honestly, is flying by So. Stinking. Fast.

We sure are having fun, though. Love these sweet, summer days.

Although if Houston wanted to turn down the heat just a notch, that would be A-Okay with me. Just saying.

There is no point in 1. Showering or 2. Attempting to do my hair. Walk outside? Drenched in sweat. Decide a shower is reasonable and attempt a blow dry? Hair has grown five feet before both feet are out the door. Thank you, Houston humidity. My poor children haven't seen our backyard in weeks because of said heat. This is the time of year when I ask Brandon multiple times a day, "Why do we live here?" And then he kindly reminds me that I would not survive in any geographical area that presents a legit winter.

Oh, right. Point taken.

Moving on.

Camille helped create a bucket list of activities for the summer, but we are holding it loosely. We glance at the list often to remind us of intentionality, but there is no stress or guilt associated with checking off items or doing all the things. Perfect balance of Type A planning vs. spontaneity for this mama.

You, too, can create a summer bucket list! Step 1- get a piece of paper and markers. Crayons will work as well. Step 2 - write down your ideas on said paper. Step 3 - hang list on fridge. You can pin that if you want. 

A few snapshots of our summer days thus far . . .

Enjoying playtime with sweet friends . . .

Enjoying lots of sugar . . . What is it about summer and the mass increase in sugar consumption? I blame the aforementioned heat. Also, please note how I only have pictures of one of my children eating several forms of well, junk. Do not be alarmed. You are not losing your vision. That would definitely be a cupcake, ice cream, donuts, and Kraft mac and cheese. So basically all of that on repeat. #momoftheyear

Lots of time exploring (new to us) activities . . .

Camille was quite persistent that the crab and fish stay in her basket. Ironic as I am 95% sure such things would never pass her lips. Please see above mention of sugar filled junk food.

Lots of fun in the (sweltering) sun . . .

(Clara started swim lessons this week. She will have another full week of lessons at the end of this month. She LOVES the water, so that is a win, although I am not quite sure how much skill she is learning. Her sweet teacher is so kind and patient, a perfect personality for Clara's needs, but it's a bit obvious her cognitive delays have him stumped. He said, and I quote, "Well, she is a challenge, but it will be ok." Sweet boy. Oh well. At least she is having fun!)

Lots of tutus, nail polish, and all things princess. Jesus, take the wheel. (And yes, daddy can take a turn painting nails every now and then. Cause mommy can only paint nails so many times in one day.)

Lots of Bible "reading" . . . These two love this toddler Bible. Melts my heart!

What's been filling your summer days thus far?


  1. So many great pics and so much fun summer stuff! I extra love that Brandon is wearing a head lamp while painting Camille's nails, ha!

  2. Ha, I wondered what was creating that extra light on Camille's nails until I looked again after reading Allison's comment - too funny! Also, when I looked at this on my phone, the swim instructor looked like an older man, so I was really confused when you referred to him as "boy" :) Our summer has been filled with much of the same (outside of working hours, that is)- glad we've gotten to spend at least a little bit of it with you :)


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