Monday, May 23, 2016

Special Needs Potty Training . . . Week 4

Potty training is moving right along. I am amazed at how well Clara is adapting and learning and maturing through this process. Here's the rundown for week four.

Day 22/Monday:
  • When I picked Clara up I was told she had no accidents and no successes, so I'm not sure how that happened. It is possible that that information was lost in translation (Clara has several staff working with her throughout the day, so sometimes the staff who brings her to the car only knows what happened during their specific shift). 
Day 23/Tuesday:
  • One accident and several successes at school
  • 5 min on, 45 off
  • No successes at home
Day 24/Wednesday:
  • One accident and three successes at school
  • 5 min on, 45 off
  • No successes at home
Day 25/Thursday:
  • No accidents at school and 2 successes
  • 2 successes at home!
  • 5 min on, 45 off 
Day 26/Friday:
  • No accidents at school and 4 successes. She manded for the potty on her own and went (pulled her PECS card appropriately)!!
  • 5 min on, 45 off
Day 27/Saturday:

  • No accidents and no successes at home. She is in a diaper between sits, thus the reason for no accidents. School told us they will let us know once she has proved she can be in underwear in the interim. 
  • Side note: I'm finding it quite hard to dedicate time to training on a typical weekend (typical meaning - without completely blocking off all day to work on it - which means being able to keep her in underwear between sits). Really need to step it up on the weekends. Camille was sick this weekend (vomiting, fever, croup like cough), which also put a damper on training. 

Day 28//Sunday:

  • No accidents and no successes at home. 
  • See above side note!

A big thanks to everyone for following along as we embarked on this (life-long) journey and for all the encouraging comments, text messages, emails, etc. We have learned from other parents of children with Cohen Syndrome that potty training for our special kids isn't ever fully mastered, but we are thankful and hopeful for all the progress made thus far, and for all the progress that awaits our precious Clara. Please keep lifting her up in prayer. We are beyond blessed to have such a village in our corner. 

Also, you can rest easy knowing I won't be posting about pee again, at least for a long while. 

Make it a joy-filled Monday! 

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated and will continue to pray, particularly for the weekends!!


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