Monday, May 16, 2016

Special Needs Potty Training . . . Week 3 Update

Here's how week three went down. Day by day, Clara is making strides and blowing us away. We still have a long way to go, but we are very thankful for God's provision and guidance.

In all of this though, where I am attempting to focus my mind is in this . . . God is so good regardless of the outcome. He is good and faithful even if this potty training thing all goes south and never rebounds. He is good at being God and works for our best, even when prayers go unanswered. He is good regardless of if my daughter is in diapers for another year or another 30 years. It is when I focus here that positivity and proper perspective remains.

Day 15/Monday:
  • No accidents at school and 5 successes!
  • She is now on a 5 min on, 15 off schedule . . . Hallelujah. 
Day 16/Tuesday:
  • No accidents at school and several successes 
Day 17/ Wednesday:
  • No accidents at school and several successes 
  • The BEST PART . . . Twice, on her own and completely unprompted, she flipped through her PECS book and chose the picture of the toilet. The teacher was shocked because she typically will pick a picture of whatever toy she wants to play with. The first time she selected the toilet the teacher sat her on and she didn't go. A little bit later she did the same thing, teacher sat her on, and SHE WENT! This is a huge accomplishment and win for our girl and I am so very proud and thankful. Praise God! 
Day 18/ Thursday:
  • One accident and school, several successes 
  • Used her PECS toilet card AGAIN and went potty!!
  • She is on a 5 min on, 45 min off schedule
Day 19-21/Friday - Sunday:
  • We traveled to Ft. Worth to visit my grandma, who resides in an assisted living facility. We put Clara on the potty maybe three times all weekend. Since the training is still intense, and since we can't take our eyes off of her during "off" times, it wasn't logical to force the issue while cooped up in my grandma's tiny room.
  • So no accidents and no successes over the weekend. :-)

To Be Continued . . . 


  1. So exciting to read about! And thank you for giving God the glory each step of this potty journey (and all the other paths you walk too) it is a great reminder for your readers that He is Good, always!

  2. Go, girl (both of you, for that matter)!

  3. All I have to say is praise the Lord she is "allowed" to wear diapers on long car rides - that would have been miserable! Still so, so impressed with her hard work!

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