Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Special Needs Potty Training. . . Week 2 Update

Clara is rocking right along in potty training. She is doing so well, better than I could have ever  expected. God truly is listening to and answering our prayers. There have been several days of no accidents at school, and even several instances of success at home. So proud of our hardworking girl!

I will likely track her progress here for the first month, for my own documentation purposes (sorry!), so feel free to just click "Mark as Read" on your blog feed. . . because surely this is not interesting to anyone but me.

Day 6/Saturday:
  • Started the day at level one - first full day of in home potty training! 
  • 3 accidents, 0 successes
Day 7/Sunday:
  • Started the day at level one - second full day of in home potty training
  • 2 accidents in the morning and 2 successes in the afternoon!! 
Day 8/Monday:
  • Level one - back at school 
  • 0 accidents and 1 success!
Day 9/Tuesday:
  • Level one
  • NO ACCIDENTS AND THREE SUCCESSES! I about fell on the floor when her teachers told me this at pick up. 
Day 10/Wednesday:
  • She graduated to ten minutes on followed by ten off because. . . 
  • She had NO accidents at school and FIVE successes! I pretty much started crying my eyes out when her teachers came running to the car to tell me after school. 
Day 11/Thursday:
  • Three accidents and three successes at school. One success at home!
Day 12/Friday:

  • No accidents and EIGHT successes at school! (They count anything that makes it into the toilet, even if it is a dribble.)
  • Still at a ten min scheduled sit followed by 10 min off. 

Day 13/Saturday: 
  • No accidents and two successes at home. We only actively worked on potty training for about 4 hours of the day.
Day 14/Sunday:
  • Zero potty work this day. We were traveling around town for Mother's Day get togethers and the day did not allow for focused potty time. :-)

She continues to wear pull ups during car rides, meals, etc, and wears an overnight diaper to bed. 

Apparently Ms. Camille has been paying close attention. She came out of Clara's room like this recently and could. not. stop. laughing. She is such a little ham. I must say I am impressed that she got the panties on correctly, without my help. 

To Be Continued. . . 


  1. Yay, I am so impressed and relieved on your behalf ;) Also so impressed with Camille because 4 months in, the twins still can't properly put their underwear on consistently, let alone over a pair of pants, ha!

  2. Not boring at all! You could track for a year and I'd still read every word with the same excitement and glee that I have these first few updates. Potty training is a BIG deal! Go Clara and mom and dad!

  3. So proud of Clara!! Definitely an answer to prayers! She will be an old pro by the time we train Avery and Camille, so maybe she can just do the work for us? ;)

  4. That is such great news! What an encouragement for other moms with special needs kids who are about ready to potty train, too. Thanks for sharing your special Clara with us!

  5. Yayyy for Clara!!!!!

  6. This is amazing Britt!!!! I am so so so excited for you guys! That is awesome!


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