Thursday, December 10, 2015


It is really crazy to think that in a little over one month, my littlest babe will turn two years old. TWO YEARS! She is at such a fun age right now. And by fun I mean equally entertaining and exhausting. But in all seriousness, her language is exploding and it is so refreshing to watch her skills develop month after month. Typical child development is a beautiful thing and a blessing we most definitely do not take for granted.

In an attempt to remember some of her most precious sayings and habits at this age, here is a little bit about Camille. Or "Camille-isms" as some would say. . .

"Holds"  = What she says when she wants to be held.

"Waters"  = Water

"Peas" = Please

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" - Hi. Always drawn out and shouted in a super excited tone. A measly "hi" is just too boring apparently.

"A Pass"  = Her pacifier (of which she is addicted to I might add, but we won't even talk about that mmmmmkay?)

"E E" = Her favorite stuffed monkey . . . or any monkey for that matter. For some reason this is the only animal referenced by the noise they make.

"Bank it" = Blanket

"Ma" = What she calls me. Not mommy or mama just ma.

"Theese" = This

"App" = Apple

"Hands" = What she says when she grabs my hand to lead me into another room.

"Baby" - Several times she has referred to Clara as baby. :) I always reply with sometime along the lines of "Well Clara isn't a baby! She is older than you! But she is still learning, right?" To which Camille replies, "White!" 
Before you judge the picture above can you please just take a look at those two pieces of apple on her plate?? Apples cancel out Cheese-Its and Capri Sun, no?

She loves to dance, greet daddy at the end of the day, walk with daddy to check the mail (their little end of day ritual), slide, swing, climb, play dress up, color, jump on the trampoline, follow Clara around, hog ma's lap, jump on the bed, have races (with herself) up and down the hallway, play with baby dolls, play with real babies (with supervision of course), play dress up, "read" to herself, and "cook" with daddy. (So they made homemade mac and cheese in a kid size Ikea pot together last weekend. Yes, the child size stainless steel pot that goes with a child, aka pretend, size kitchen. Well ok then. It is a good thing daddy is fun and brave like that because ma would never attempt such things.)

Camille-isms are my favorite!

(Someone please remind me of this when this same child, come 4:30pm, is temporarily losing her sweet mind.)


  1. SO cute!!! I love that you're "ma"!! How very hillbilly of you! ;)

  2. I love that she calls you "Ma!" And we sure love our little friend, Uh-meel :)

  3. Jammies + winter accessories are seriously some of my favorite ensembles! And ditto to "ma" - that is too funny! She is such a spunky little monkey and I can't believe she's almost TWO!


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