Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Links 9/25/15

Happy Weekend!

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In Defense of Sadness

We have been dealing with sickness this week. Both were congested and battling a virus, but sweet Clara had it worse. She came home from school early Tuesday and missed Wednesday and couldn't get a break from nasty cough attacks. Hate the sickness. Love the cuddles.

And on top of sickness, this sweet thing tripped on Monday and landed head first on the windowsill. Windowsill: 1. Clara: 0. Poor thing. I have never seen a bump this big on a toddler in my life.

As of yesterday, she was feeling much more like her silly, happy self. . .

And apparently yesterday was National Daughters Day?? How does one keep up with all of these "holidays?" Sure do love my girls. So very thankful for them. They were so excited to celebrate the holiday, can't you tell??? :)


  1. Love Clara's sweet outfit and big smile! She must enjoy school. I think the photo for Daughter's Day could also be a good one for sibling day! 😉

  2. Ahhh I can't look at Clara's bump without wincing in pain... poor girl! Glad she's on the mend!

  3. Poor Clara!! (Poor mommy too!) I know how you feel. .. Josh's entire finger nail just fell off after he got it caught in the door jam.


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