Friday, September 4, 2015

Weekend Links 9/4/15

So much wisdom tucked away in the thoughts and words below. Some very insightful reading if you are in need of some fresh wisdom to launch your weekend.

Some Moms Cry
If The Internet Is Making You Tired 
The One Phrase We Need to Eliminate From Our Vocabulary 
This is the point where you wish you could quit: on climbing mountains and metaphors

We got some quality park time in this week. These girls would live at the park if we let them . . .

Side note: Walking to the park (aka pulling children in wagon along with 435 other items that we "needed" to take, per request of the littlest babe) was not the most brilliant idea ever, even if the calendar now reads September. I'm pretty sure we sweated off every ounce of water ever consumed. I'm all for being green but next time? Take vehicle.


  1. I read a similar devotion about the "I'm just a..." thing a couple of weeks ago and not long before that, also read an e-mail about how females too often use the word "just" in communication in general, and so I feel like I've been on this renewed mission to never use the word anymore, ha!

    Anyway, great links as always, and amen to driving the car to the park next time... it's still too hot!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement from the posts you shared! Full of good reminders for us :)

    Also, I'm sweating just looking at your park pics. Come soon, cold fronts!!!


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