Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekend Links 7/24/15

It is the weekend and Brandon is back in town and thus needless to say, I am excited!

(P.S. How is it that anytime a spouse leaves home for a few days one child, or two, always get sick and/or is up all night long wanting to party? Always. Without fail. Someone, for the love, please explain this to me!)

What We Need to Know When Life Takes a Detour
How God Takes Our Dark Stories and Turns Them into Light  - "We all have a story that’s unfolding through our lives that won’t be complete until heaven, but it all has purpose if we are willing to go through the dark to get to the light. . . He took a dark part of my story and gave it light so others could see and hear and put their trust in the Lord. Our stories aren’t just for us — they are for those who are hurting and in need of hope. We get to partner with God in being light-bearers for His Kingdom." 

Special Needs
An Open Letter to Moms of "Typical" Kids
The Social and Emotional Aspects of Sensory Processing Challenges 

You Have No Idea
I Will Always Mourn That Baby
What I want you to know about loss and adoption

Hope your weekend (and mine) is filled with lots of rest and no throw up. Which of course is guaranteed true for me since, you know, daddy is back home. :)

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  1. Oh no!! I have not had to experience much parenting without Brian at all, let alone parenting sick kiddos- it sounds miserable :( Hope the girls are on the mend and that Brandon lets you take a break this weekend!


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