Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015 (Houston Zoo, Magnolia Pool, & Finger painting)

We are making the most of our weekends, and checking items off our summer bucket list. This past weekend we hit up the Houston Zoo, enjoyed the Magnolia neighborhood pool with friends, and attempted to fingerpaint!

We spent Friday morning at the zoo. This was our third trip since the girls were born. Brandon had planned to take Friday off of work so that we could go as a family. We are finding that for certain activities, we really have to plan in advance to make it happen, so plan in advance we did. It was a blast and despite the heat, the girls had a great time. (You would have never known Clara was sent home from school early on Thursday with a 103.3 fever and double ear infections. Ear infections don't stop this girl, at least not when a trip to the zoo is in jeopardy.) The zoo has a splash pad which was especially enjoyable because we live in Houston and summer is like a 24/7 sauna. Have I mentioned it is hot?

Camille needed mommy to crawl through the tunnel with her. . .

Jellyfish were a big hit. . .

The great thing about a splash pad in the Houston zoo in the summer is you don't even have to change your kids into a swim suit because their clothes will dry off in approximately two seconds. Win.

Saturday we joined the Joiners and Olivers at the Magnolia Pool, a fun toddler friendly neighborhood pool. I questioned if the girls would enjoy the slides there, and within seconds Camille proved to have zero fear (and went down the slide approximately 15x), while Clara was not so sure. Clara's face was pretty priceless so we need to pay another visit there soon, just to capture her expressions on video. Our water fun was cut a little short when a random kid decided to poo in the pool. . . fun times!

And last up is our attempt at finger painting. Not all activities can go as planned I suppose. What started as fun ended in tears for all involved. Can't win em all. I will just leave it at that.

Make it a great week!


  1. Ha, I love that something more overwhelming like a trip to the zoo or pool was an easy win, but finger painting ended in tears... kids! Thanks again for inviting us on Saturday, and I hope Brandon is happy that all 3 of us officially mentioned the poop incident in our blog posts ;)

  2. Ditto to Allison- funny children! Love all the pics and thanks for the invite- let's do it again soon!

  3. I love all your pictures and your cute girls! Going to the zoo is ambitious, I'm glad it went well. I haven't formally done a bucket list, but it is such a good idea I should try and squeeze one in for the rest of the summer. I love how you do that!


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