Friday, January 9, 2015

Weekend Links 1/9/15

Nothing is wasted - Amen and amen.
Burn the candles - Again. . .  Amen and amen.
The thing about being more awesome 
A surprising thing that creates the best kind of freedom

A week wouldn't be complete in the Blackburn house without a little bit of  a lot of swinging. . .

And a week wouldn't be complete without a little bit of a lot of crazy hair action. . .

I promise you I did not even poof it out on purpose. . . was pretty much looking like this since she woke from her nap yesterday. And she has started playing with her hair as she goes throughout her day. . . thus, this. . .

Friday is here!


  1. That is some seriously impressive hair! Perhaps she is channeling her inner Einstein??

  2. Loved the Jen Hatmaker post - "she and her friends are really being awesome at sitting on that porch in their pajama pants" - ha!

    And also love Clara's hair- it has a mind of its own!!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!! That poof of hair!!! Get thee to Ulta!! ;) (Just kidding, babies don't need product.)


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