Friday, January 23, 2015

Weekend Links 1/23/15

Our week was thrown off quite a bit from sickness, so between the sickness & craziness that accompanies said sickness, there was little energy left for blogging or blog reading or basically doing anything productive at all. But I did read a few that I thought were inspiring, and so . . .

Eggs + dancing 
The gathering  - some really cool thoughts on obedience 
A little Japanese word that makes all the difference

Camille has learned my secret. . . where I keep all the electronic toys (aka their favorite toys that would be in use 24 hours a day if I left them out and accessible). Well, little Camille has now realized she can easily open the ottoman and reach these beloved toys. And you know what? Sweet Clara has been watching her for a while now and after several days of trying with all her might, she can now also open the ottoman and reach these beloved toys. So basically what I am saying is I now need a lock for the ottoman unless I want to hear a drum, piano, singing nursery rhyme book, ball, animals, etc going off every minute of every day. :) But in all seriousness it was so cool to watch Clara watch Camille, and learn a new trick from her. We hope and pray there is much more of this to come as they grow and age and play together.

Clara napped one day at my parents house this week. Sweet girl lost her pants in the process. . . 

We are celebrating Camille's one year birthday this weekend (a little late) by having a small family only party. We have not even started thinking about what we might serve for lunch or how we might decorate. Maybe we should get on that?!?


  1. Ha, one little one teaching the other how to get into trouble- now you know what it's like having twins! Glad you're feeling better and hope Camille's celebration is fun but not tiring :)

  2. Oh, those pictures of the sisters! Ha. They were definitely scheming together.


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