Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekend Links 3/28/14

Run Your Race - Jen Hatmaker (love this!! So much truth here.)
On being a Stay-At-Home Mom - Life as of Late (Could not have written this better myself)
Why You Don't Need a Big Story - Sarah Markley via (in)courage
The Sacrifice of Hospitality (and why it matters so much) - Megan Tietz
Why Winter is like early motherhood (and why its best to surrender to both) - The Happiest Home

Special Needs
Spring Sparks Sensory Challenges - The Sensory Spectrum
Study Uncovers Why Autism is More Common in Boys - The Sensory Spectrum (In short: "A large cohort study published by Cell Press in the American Journal of Human Genetics provides compelling evidence in support of the “female protective model,” which proposes that females require more extreme genetic mutations than do males to push them over the diagnostic threshold for neurodevelopmental disorders." - Interesting.)
3:21: World Downs Syndrome Day  - Enjoying The Small Things (While this day has since passed, this post has great food for thought, regardless of if you specifically have a child with some special needs. Please read!)

Our littlest girl. . . always so full of smiles

Who's that cute baby looking back at me?
Make it a great weekend!


  1. LOVE that little picture of her's fun that she's just a few weeks older than Austin, because it's like a little glimpse of where he's headed! :) And, LOVED all of your posts this week--I look forward to reading your links every Friday! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  2. Love that sweet little smiley face! Also, is that the outfit we gave Clara? So glad little sis is sporting it now if so :) Happy Friday!


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