Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Clara Anne. . . Never give up

A friend forwarded me this U Tube video on Monday. I watched and cried my eyes out. Twice. And then later a third time. And I am tearing up just typing these words now.


Clara Anne, 

You bring us so much joy.

So much happiness.

You are so fully & unconditionally loved by us, and so many others.

You are our little fighter. Our own little super girl.

And just like Eden, may we encourage you to always keep pressing on. 

Keep moving forward.

Hold your head high and continue to smile with that exuberant joy that comes so naturally. 

Never give up, baby girl.

Never give up.


Mommy and Daddy 


  1. Such a sweet video and a good reminder... thanks for sharing!

  2. That made me cry--so sweet! Love you sweet Clara!!

  3. How beautiful and precious! We love you, Clara, and we pray for you all the time!

  4. There is such power in this video. Clara is so amazing and she is in my prayers. What a wonderful testimony to what these children can accomplish. Clara is a determined girl, so precious and so beautiful. Great reminder of the endless possibilities. Keep going Clara, you will get there!

  5. Yes, crying now. Love you girl.


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