Monday, March 3, 2014

Camille's nursery

Here's a little tour of Camille's nursery. We went with brown, coral and teal as the color scheme.  (Sorry in advance for the blurry pics. . . and all the glare. . . I don't claim to be a photographer, obviously)

View from the doorway

Closeup of the crib and window treatment/bedding. We got this bedding much cheaper off Ebay. For like $60. Score.

Close up of mirror/framed scripture that hangs above changing table. I love that you can see the glider, chandelier and part of the wall decal in the mirror reflection.

You might be thinking the changing table looks a tad old school. Well. . . it is. . . but it was passed down from my older sister. My niece (who is now 11! Just crazy.) used this as a newborn and into toddlerhood. Precious family ties. And why I adore it so much.

Corner shot. . . to the right of crib. . . another framed scripture and laundry hamper

And this is my favorite spot in the room. . . My friend Emily made this wall decal and gifted it to us. I love it! She based it off of one I found on Etsy. Thank you, Emily! And another favorite. . . the glider/rocker that my in-laws/Brandon surprised me with at Camille's baby shower.  

So there you have it. . . nothing fancy by any means. . . and not nearly as bold and colorful as Clara's room (second child problems). . .  but we love it.

But what we love more is the precious baby girl that calls this room her own.


  1. It looks great! I love seeing people's nurseries :) And I especially love that glider!

  2. It looks so pretty!!! I love that mirror/frame and the glider...and the bright colors!! What a happy room!

  3. Love those colors and love that sweet little baby girl! Can I please request to see more pictures of her (and her sister) on here?? :)

  4. It looks great! I love her name on the wall and I love that the dresser has special meaning!

  5. I cant believe I have been gone long enough for you to have another baby!!!! Congrats! I will try and get caught up!


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