Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My girls. . . at one day old

My two girls
Each on the day of their birth

Clara on the left: 5/2/12
Camille on the right: 1/14/14

At first glimpse of Camille during the C-Section, I thought she looked exactly like Clara did at birth. The nurse, who had met Clara earlier in the hallway, even exclaimed after seeing Camille, 

"Oh my goodness, she's a Clara mini-me!!"

But after that first day, I began to see some distinct differences in physical features,
and most family members agree.

What do you think?
Look a-likes? Not so much?

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. so cute! i see some similarities but i think they do look different!!

  2. She is too too precious! What a little sweet pea. They do look like they have the same adorable little nose :)

  3. I think they look alike in that pic, but from the other ones I've seen of Camille, not so much! I think she looks like Brandon but I am undecided as of yet :)

  4. Hmmm...I don't see many resemblances in the 2 pics above, but I feel like I've seen some in other pics. So basically I'm the opposite of Amanda. :) They are both such beautiful!

  5. Some pictures they look similar in, and others totally different... guess they are perfect sisters! Can't wait to watch them both grow up and see how similar, or not, they are!

  6. Both beautiful but in their own way! Definitely siblings though!

  7. I can tell they're sister for sure, but both have their own look, I think! They're both so pretty!! :)

  8. I have seen a few pictures where I think they resemble each other, but like Amanda, I also have seen a few that make me think she looks like her daddy!

  9. Not sure I see much of a resemblance yet. But both precious for sure! The first picture I saw I thought "oh my goodness she looks just like Sophie & Josiah"! I think she still looks really Blackburn and maybe Clara looks more like you!? It's fun to see how they change from parent to parent as the months go by!!

  10. So, so sweet! Funny though, when I saw the first pic of Camille I remember thinking that she didn't look too much like what I remembered Clara looking like as a newborn. I say this of course as though I have met your family in REAL LIFE. :)


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