Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby girl # 2, Weeks 34-37

35 weeks is when I had the flu, for the second time. I didn't change out of pjs all week, but this day I actually managed to take a shower & dry my hair (b/c let's face it, wet hair & flu don't mix). So since I was clean and off the couch, picture day it was.

Loving: That I am nowhere near as swollen as last pregnancy! That link shows my feet/ankles at 38 weeks with Clara. Praise the good Lord my feet look NOTHING LIKE THAT!

Not Loving: That it sounds like I have just run a marathon when I try to talk after walking from the kitchen to the living room. Our house is not that big, people. We were shopping in Target the other day and I had to leave Brandon and Clara to go sit in one of those motorized scooter things. No lie. I didn't use it, but I sat there until they finished our shopping. I am choosing to believe that this is just a normal end of pregnancy thing, or the way Camille is positioned thing, and not that I am just ridiculously out of shape.

Oh . . . and varicose veins. . . I do not love you. At. All.

Favorite Foods: Orange juice every morning, Sonic ice (I justify this purchase by telling myself I drink more water when I have a huge bag of Sonic ice in my freezer. More water is better for baby, right?), cold cereal, and Mexican food.

Looking Forward To: Meeting our second daughter for the first time. I keep pondering what she will look like, if she will have hair, if she will resemble Clara. . . all of those things. Also excited about introducing Clara to her little sis for the first time!

Anxious About: The possibility of needing a C-Section. Sweet girl seems to flip flop every week, so it is a guessing game as to if she will be breech, or not, as we near our due date (only 2 weeks away!). How she has enough room to keep flipping her body all the way around I have no idea. I'm also getting anxious about managing Clara's current schedule (which is totally different this year which basically = more weekly appointments) with a newborn, all while I am recovering from labor and delivery. If my delivery is anything like last time, or if I have to have a C-Section, I just don't know how the first month or so will go trying to balance all of the above, especially when Clara is not yet walking and I won't be able to lift her for a while.

So. . . Prayers please!

Might fit in one more pregnancy post, or maybe not, depending on when Camille decides to make her appearance! Countdown has officially begun!


  1. You still look great!! Praying the transition goes much more smoothly for you than anticipated :)

  2. Take it from just get used to holding two babies at once. Mine are now both over 20 pounds and some how you just adjust. You will be nice and strong! :) and while you are recovering I'm sure your mamma will be happy to snuggle Clara!

  3. First of all you look fabulous. I can not believe Camille will be here so soon! You are going to rock the Momma of 2 thing because you are truly a supermom if I ever met one. Take it easy as best you can, and keep us posted! Can't wait to see pics of the little princess.

  4. Oooh, you're getting so close!! I love how other people's pregnancies always go faster than your own. :) Can't wait to hear, and many prayers during this last month of pregnancy!!

  5. You look awesome!! Can't wait to see yall. I promise to be super helpful and hold at least ONE of the babies for you at all times. :)

  6. Full term?!??! Already?!?! That went quick...for me ;)

    Seriously, you look you just stuck a basketball up your shirt. So cute! Lots of prayers for you as you get ready to meet baby Camille.

  7. Ahh love that bump, and can't wait to see what that bump looks like as an actual baby :) Praying for a smooth delivery and peaceful transition into life as a family of four!


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