Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend Links 11/8/13

I'm here to report that yesterday and last night went MUCH MUCH MUCH better than what has been our normal the past week. Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord. Clara went to bed about 8pm or so, and is still. asleep. Hasn't woken up once. Didn't cry when we put her in bed. Shoot, she even took her medicine willingly before bed. As in, Brandon told her "Say Ahhhh," and she opened her mouth and let him squeeze the syringe filled with medicine right on in. And then she took her paci. I'm not going to hold my breath just yet, but I am beyond thankful that it seems as though the worst might be behind us???

A few links for your weekend reading. . . Have a great Friday!

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Catching Joy - (in)courage
Having a bad day doesn't make you a bad mother - Lisa Jo Baker
Moms: Pinterest can't "make" you feel bad about yourself - The Happiest Home

Eating Disorder/Mental Health/Self Esteem
What I want you to know about having a kid with Autism - RATM
Letting go of the idealized recovery - ED Bites (please excuse a few foul words, good info!)
15 Awesome Celebrity Body Image Quotes -

After the I.V.F, the Wait 
Celebrating Pregnancy Again - Came across this book on Amazon. From the description taken from the link provided: This book follows the author's journey from loss to subsequent pregnancy, with encouragement along the way on how to handle the 'new normal' that rocks your world after facing a loss.

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  1. So glad to hear the past day has been better for sweet Clara. Hope this weekend is full of rest and smiles! xo


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