Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Links 5/31/13

There's Power In Your Story - in(courage)
Worst End of School Year Mom Ever - Jen Hatmaker
The World Lies Upward - Enjoying The Small Things
What I want you to know: parents of special needs kids are not saints - Rage Against The Minivan

That's all for this week. We've been busy, which leaves little time for internet surfing in our house. Oh, and a very very happy 30th birthday to my friends Amanda and Allison! Hope you girls enjoy your day!

Happy weekend, y'all!!


  1. Read the Jen Hatmaker post last night - loved it! And THANK YOU for the shout-out :)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Will have to check out the links as usual :)

  3. I just read Jen Hatmakers post and it was hilarious! I can't relate to buying my kids lunchables because I think those are the grossest things on the planet, but I so relate to the school expecting so much of US! Hey, I already did all that, okay!


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