Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Links 5/24/13. . . and apparently playing "patty cake" makes my child cry

So. . . remember how I took that unplanned blogging break last week? Well, I just haven't felt like writing much this week either, it seems. Not sure why? Maybe it's just a phase. Not too worried about it. Clara and I have been busy and having lots of fun, so that is what is important, right? Oh, and she woke up Tuesday night about 9pm crying (so not like her) and the second we went in we knew why. The girl was congested and couldn't breathe, and then proceeded to cough so hard that she threw up. She slept a total of 4.5 hours that night (upright, in our arms, b/c she would scream cry very intensely if we laid her down) and thus took a stellar 3.5 hour nap for me on Wednesday. Poor kid. This has happened several times and we never see it coming. She goes to bed just fine, and then wakes up a few hours later with a nose full of snot and struggling to breathe well. And then I take her to the Dr. to find out it is just another cold??? These are some serious colds if you ask me!

Sorry for that rant. . .

Anyway, I have still been reading and browsing blogs during some of my spare moments, so here is this Friday's weekend links. Maybe catch ya'll next week. . . if something interesting (or not) strikes me! Enjoy the holiday weekend, everyone!

The Middle Parts - Enjoying The Small Things
It's Ok to Not Be Ok - (in)courage
Where you water it - Simple Mom
Living in fear - True Worth

Eating Disorder and/or Self Esteem
How to be the mom in the mirror you want reflected in your daughters life - Lisa Jo Baker
fears of weight gain - Surviving Anorexia
Understanding and helping the siblings of eating disorder patients - Dr. Ravin's blog

Food/and or Recipes
Grilled lemon chicken with sweet corn & tomatoes - Iowa Girl Eats
The best spinach artichoke dip ever - The Pioneer Woman
Peanut butter cup crack brownies  - Cookies & Cups


  1. Loved the video. It's funny what our little ones like and what they don't. :-)

  2. Poor Clara! Hope she is on the mend soon and that you guys are able to get some rest. And I 100% feel you on not blogging much. Just gotta go with what time allows/what's on your heart. Sometimes that means I'm able to get multiple posts done a week and sometimes (more likely...ha) that means I only post something every 1-2 weeks.

  3. I remember a few sleepless nights, they just come with the territory, hope you've been getting enough rest as well.

    Cute video, haha, guess it's just not her preferred game :)

  4. Don't know if this it's the answer in your case, but for us my oldest had the same cold like symptoms EVERY time he was about to cut a tooth. Hope she is feeling better and you are all able to get some rest. ♥

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! And looking back on all the times this crazy cold stuff has happened. . . I think you might be right. Thanks, Dawn!


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