Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(in)RL 2013. . . have you joined a meet up?

Back in January I blogged about the (in)RL 2013 opportunity, its mission, its purpose and its amazing ability to touch the lives of women around the world.

Have you stopped by the (in)courage website to check it out?

I know what you're thinking.. .

You are a little too introverted for this type of thing.

You are not about to go to some random strangers house, by yourself, and when everyone else there probably has a buddy.

You have too much to do.

You'd have to hire a babysitter.

But ladies. . . let me encourage you. You are not the only one showing up without a buddy. The laundry and mountain of a to do list can wait. A morning of fellowship with adult woman, discussing adult topics, might just be worth the babysitters fee.

So before you delete this post and decide "Nah, that's not my thing," will you just take a few seconds and give it some thought? And maybe even pray about it? And if you then are feeling led to step out of your box, would you check out all the meet ups in your area and then maybe, just maybe, join?

Matthew 18:20

My friend, Jenna, and I will be there. You don't have to join our group. That would be awesome of course, but we just want you to sign up, regardless.

Because it's going to be pretty epic...

A room full of women.

An overflowing pot of coffee.

A little inspiration from some of your favorite (in)courage bloggers.

A morning sans kiddos.

Here's the trailer. One more time.

Want to join the community?

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