Friday, March 15, 2013

Our week. . . and I have a hole in my eye

I took a little blogging break this week. We've had a lot going on lately!

Brandon was out of town for work this week, which means three days of solo parenting (MAJOR KUDOS to all single parents. I don't know how you do it day in and day out.). Clara and I have been having fun, but are thankful Brandon is back home! Probably taking Clara back to the Dr. today for what seems like another ear infection. Fourth ear infection in five months. . . is that excessive? No big deal? Going to ask.

My older sis, bro in law, and niece and nephews are here for Spring Break so we've been busy having lots of family and cousin time. We spent all day Wednesday at the Houston livestock show and rodeo. Clara did great and even took an hour nap in the stroller. She was especially fascinated by all the sights and sounds. . .

Until we decided to sit and watch my 5 year old nephew, Aiden, participate in the mutton bustin'. Bad decision. Clara FLIPPED out. Never seen the girl so hysterical.. shrieking, crying, and HUGE crocodile tears. FLIPPED OUT. I navigated the crowd to get her out of there, and it took her forever to calm down. Poor kid. Before each kid had their turn riding, the crowd would yell and bang their boots on the bleachers as hard & loud as possible. She was so scared. Sigh. Live and learn. 10 month old Clara & mutton bustin' = no go. The good news is Aiden got 2nd place!! He rode that sheep like a pro!

What else? Oh. . . I was supposed to have laser eye surgery this week but it got postponed for a few weeks. Why? Oh I just have a HOLE IN THE RETINA of my right eye. Seriously? I don't lie about these things. I saw a retina specialist Monday (was refereed to specialist from my regular eye Dr.) and he confirmed the hole is there and that some fluid is building up underneath, and thus my choices are

1-don't do anything and hope the hole doesn't cause my retina to detach or

2-have the hole repaired by laser surgery which means no vision out of my right eye for approximately three days and then sporting around an eye patch.

Guess I'll play it safe and go with the eye patch option. Awesome.

Here's a pic of what it looks like, although this is not my eye :)

The dark circle towards the middle/left would be the hole

I thought I was going to either puke or pass out when the specialist was poking my eye with some metal probe thing (he was searching for the hole). My eye was numbed prior, thank goodness, but the pressure from the probe plus the blaring lights (my eyes were also dilated) was just enough to make me a little extremly woozy.

On that note, have a great weekend! Our plans include celebrating my dad's birthday tonight, relaxing, attending a baby shower on Saturday, relaxing, church and small group on Sunday, and more relaxing. Can't wait!


  1. Yikes, I had a regular eye exam last week and that alone was enough to give me a migraine that lasted for 2 days... I can't imagine how uncomfortable your exam was!

    Glad you guys survived your week without Brandon, and glad you get to relax this weekend :)

  2. I miss the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! And Bluebell ice cream...

    So sorry about your eye! But I bet the patch would make for some super awesome blog pictures :)

  3. Yikes, a hole in the eye??!! So scary-- but so good they found it now and not when turned into a detached retina!! Be sure to take some pirate-y pictures with the patch!!

  4. Crazy! Sorry about your eye, that does NOT sound like fun.

    On another note - ear infections - I would highly recommend talking to the doc about tubes. Autumn had ear infections from Christmas 2011 until March 2012. We had tubes put in her ears in March 2012 and she has done so much better since. Not a single infection. Also, since she had constant ear infections she had a lot of fluid build up in her ears and could not hear well. It delayed her speech a little bit, but once she got the tubes in she started talking like crazy and hasn't stopped since.

    1. Thanks for the info about tubes. Def going to keep that in mind!

  5. BOO to Clara's ear infections, your eye hole (so random?!), and Brandon going out of town... sounds like you need a vacation :) Glad y'all have plenty of time to relax this weekend!!

  6. We've had a busy one here too, but a hole in your eye? Yikes, but on the bright side an eye patch is pretty fly! I want to get laser eye surgery too. My eyes are going.......

  7. Is it bad that I'm laughing about the hole in your eye? Really, truly...I am sorry to hear this. But...I just...well...didn't know that was possible!

    I'm with ya on the whole single parenting thing. This January Chad was on a 10 day international business trip and IT. WAS. TOUGH.

    1. Ha - not bad at all. I was laughing too! Of course something so weird and random would happen to me!

      Ok you win the momma award . . . 10 days??? That is TOUGH!

  8. Girl!!! No fun! About your eye AND sweet Clara's ear infections. Emma has only had one, and got it when she was older, so I can't even imagine how awful for a little one!!! It's got to be so miserable for both of you! Hope you figure out something that gives relief soon! Love ya!


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