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Clara's birth story. . . Part II. . . Brandon's version

It was important to me that I write down the events of May 1-2, 2012 so that I could look back and remember what actually occurred. Many people cautioned me that you think you will remember every detail of your child's birth but in reality many of the details will fade quickly. I had mentioned to Brandon that I wanted to take a notepad to make notes of our time at the hospital leading up to Clara's birth. I reminded him of this once we were admitted to our room and he replied "Oh don't worry I will handle it for you." I said "Ok but I want details not just one liners about what is going on." He said "Babe, I got it. Don't worry." I put my control freak tendencies aside (ha!) and let him take the lead. The notes below are straight from his IPad. I didn't go back and spell check as I thought the original, sleep deprived version would be fun to have for the record. Enjoy!!!

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Clara's birth story. . . Part II. . . Brandon's version.

Got in tonight just before 9.  Checkin was very quick and we were in room 305 in matter of minutes.  Britt got in the hospital gown and we waited for about 10 minutes before nurse Mary came back.  

Nurse Mary started with an Iv for fluids ... Which made britt a little dizzy and light headed.  Then Mary added the strep antibiotic (I blame this on Dana).

Ashley was the first to arrive and her first comments were " you aren't wearing any makeup? You sure don't know how to do this ... You need to be ready for the pictures."

Dana and Sheila arrived next followed by my parents.  We all sat around and chatted for a few hours and played games on the iPads.  

I tried to mention multiple times that the nurse said we should be able to rest tonight in between more medicine.  My mom didn't really seem like she wanted to leave.  But eventually everyone left around 11:15. 

11:50 It took me a while to figure out how to turn the lights out.  And you were getting annoyed by the beeping noise ... The printer was out of Paper.

1 am Nurse came in at one for more antibiotics and pill.  Would not be back until 4.  She gave you a new fluid bag.  At about 1:05 your toco number went to 77.  You said you felt your stomach tighten.  You were sleeping very soundly prior to nurse Mary interrupting.  You said you forgot where you were when you woke up.

6:30 am dr galvan came in to check and he said you between a 2-3.  They were about to break your water but dr said he was going to hold off for a bit.

6:45 am a nurse came in named Paula.  She was going on about the epidural and you had a really confused look on her face.  She mentioned dr. Huebner 2 or 3 times.  Finally you said is it standard to do the epidural before the potosin? Then you said um I have dr galvan.  Paula then came to the conclusion that she was in the wrong room.  So she left embarrassed.

7:09 our real nurse came in.  Her name was jennifer.  She hooked up the potosin.  

8:20 the nurse and anesthesiologist came into put in the epidural.  They wanted to get it in because the anesthesiologist was headed to another location.  You handled it really well and it didn't seem to hurt very much.  I asked how it compared to the sesame progesterone shots and you said you thought the shots were worse.  It was in about 10 minutes with no problems.  You said your legs felt heavy.

Your parents came in just before the epidural and then my parents came after. Sharon also showed up to check in.  Everyone sat around the room and chatted.  

Someone turned it on an awful singing show. Guess who?

Everyone just guessed times and weight.  They think they are going to to win a prize but they are kidding themselves if they think they are actually going to win something.

Sharon left on the phone ... The nurse just happened to come in and say galvan was coming in to break your water.  I told Sharon she cheated and called dr galvan.

10:50 am water was broken no yelling or screaming.  Your mom and Sharon stood behind the curtain (Sharon peeked once).  It went really quick and they said you were now at 4-5 90% effaced.

12:18 nurses just came in and checked twice we were told you were an 8.  No pushing just yet.  Jennifer also said the Clara was at a zero which mean she is dropping.  You were told you could press the epidural button every 10 minutes (and you took advantage very quickly 12:19).

12:43 Gavin in now she is much further along than 8.  Sharon just came in and said 10. You are now about to push.  You seem a little nervous but excited. You also said things have gone much smoother than you expected.  Although nervous you seemed very relaxed.

You started to push really soon.  I think they said you pushed 12 times over 30 minutes.  After each push you had a smile on your face.  I stuck it out and didn't pass out.  Now the whole dr/nurse team was cheering you on.  I was holding back tears.  Once the head was half way out you were in a lot of pain.  You did say "holy crap" at one point.  Made me laugh and galvan.  You also commented that you felt like you were grunting.  You weren't really grunting or very loud at all.  From there it all went very quick.  

1:29 at 6lbs 5 oz 20 inches and a 9 abgar score Clara was here.  Dr galvan was trying to get you taking care of - I got to hold the baby.  I was trying to hold her near you so that you could see her.  They told me not to pass her off until dr galvan was done.  

There was a lot of blood as you know there was some tearing.  At that point galvan started stitching.  It lasted quite a while.  Once they finished and everything settled down there was a lot of cleanup.

This is where you scared me, the nurses and Sharon.  I was standing by them you started feeling like you were going to pass out.  Thats when I sat down. I passed off Clara to Sharon. You did pass out and your heart rate dropped.  Sharon had dr galvan back on the phone in a second.  That had you on oxygen. It scared me.  

The End.


  1. Aww! I love hearing Brandon's version of the story. What a great idea!!

  2. it's funny to hear his version. It is so precise and to the point. LOL!

  3. Love that he wrote his own version! So sweet!

  4. This was so cute and entertaining!! "They're kidding themselves if they think they're actually gonna win something." Hahaha. This is an awesome idea!! I may have to steal it and make C do this!!

    1. You should totally steal it! It's fun to go back and read a guys perspective. :)

  5. Ha - love it! Such a boy rendition indeed!!

  6. I just love both versions!!! How wonderful. And SO glad everything went so smoothly!!


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