Monday, May 21, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award + tag you are it

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. We camped out at my parents all weekend (they were out of town! ha) just to get a change of scenery. My sister, Ashley, also slept over both nights and it was SO nice having an extra hand when I needed/wanted to eat, pee, shower and dry my hair, etc! Ash also cooked for us all weekend. Think scrambled eggs, bacon and hash browns for breakfast on Saturday. Yes she spoiled us and I woke up this morning feeling bitter towards my boring Kashi and Honey Nut Cheerios cereal combo.

Anyways, recently Marie from Feeding Five tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger award. Have you checked out her blog? She is so cute and has the most precious family around. She is a bargain queen (how does she find the cutest clothes at thrift shops???) and oh how I wish I could sit and feast on her baked goods. :)

So here are the required "10 Random Facts about me", followed by the 5 people I now tag! Have fun!

  1. My biggest pet peeve (as of late, ha!) is paper piles around the house. There is no need for a stack of papers a mile high on my kitchen counters. Just no need. 
  2. I am constantly organizing something. Brandon loves this about me, he really does. Not.
  3. I look forward to breakfast more than any meal of the day. I sometimes think about what I will eat for breakfast before I go to bed the night before. 
  4. If I have an extra $20 or so to spend on anything I want, I will choose a mani or pedi or SOME type of pampering any day. Forget clothes or shoes. Maybe this is why I wear the same 2-3 outfits all week and my closet still has items from high school. 
  5. Having Clara makes me understand just a tad bit more about Christ's love for me. It blows my mind how He was willing to sacrifice His own son for MY sins. I cannot imagine sacrificing Clara yet I now understand the deep type of love a parent feels for a child. Putting Jesus on that cross was NOT easy, even if you are God. 
  6. When I was younger I wanted to be a school teacher. I would line my baby dolls up and play school. I had a kids chalk board and I would make up daily lessons and homework assignments. Not sure when exactly this passion died out. I admire teachers SO much, but I cannot imagine being one today.  
  7. Morning is my favorite time of day. Love sipping a cup of coffee and watching the news or Good Morning America (at a really low volume). Something about the quiet of the morning that just calms me.
  8. I know nothing about cars. Other than the two cars we own, I could not tell you the make, model or actually identify any other car(s) on the road. 
  9. Three places I would love love love to travel - Italy, Australia and Hawaii 
  10. It has been twenty days since Clara's birth and the cankles are officially gone. Enter Hallelujah chorus here. 
And now the lucky 5 people I tag with this Award + questionnaire. I know I know... You all are SO pumped and thrilled to participate. :)

Ps - If you take a second to check out these lovely blogs, please say an extra prayer for Amanda and Erika. Both are navigating the winding road of infertility. They need prayer warriors! 


  1. Ooh, thanks for the tag!! In regards to your #4...I can never decide!! I love tangible things AND pampering things way too much. I need a lot more spare $20s!!!

  2. Thanks for the tag- I will get on it this week! And I'm with you on not knowing anything (or caring at all about!) cars!!

  3. It is so nice to have some help those first few weeks. Showering is a mega luxury at that time!

  4. So glad the cankles are gone!!!! Okay we are so alike, I could have written most of these. Just wait until you have a few kids in school, there are a dozen stacks of papers around at any given time. I finally got smart this year and bought a file for each kid to put their stuff in until I can get to it.

    Have a wonderful morning.

  5. Fun facts... love mornings, too. Will be praying for those gals.


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