Wednesday, May 2, 2018


 This girl is S-I-X years old today!

She is growing up and maturing and blowing our minds daily.

Love her to the moon and back and goodness, I am so thankful she is mine.

Clara is the hardest working kid I know. Literally. Potty training and learning how to navigate her speech device has been the focus for the last six+ months, and I'll let the next picture speak for itself for how all her hard work is paying off.

Do you ever stare at a picture of your kid in total disbelief that 1. they are so beautiful and 2. they are yours? I can stare at these next three pictures below for hours at a time. They almost make me cry (shocker). Those eyes!

We love you, Clara girl. You bring us so much stinking joy. You are learning, as you should, how to exert your will and make your preferences known, which can be challenging (ahem), but also rewarding to see appropriate developmental progress.

Keep shining your light and sharing your wisdom with the world. You show up, just as you are, and love people, just as they are. The world has so much to learn from you. Good times are up ahead this year. I can feel it!

Happy birthday, Clara! You're SIX! Tonight we celebrate!

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  1. It's amazing how far she has come in 6 short years with all of the challenges that she's been presented with!! Happy birthday, Clara - hope this next year is the best one yet!


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