Thursday, November 9, 2017

Annual Cohen Syndrome Association Fundraiser 2017

On Saturday, November 18th at 10:00am, Noonday Collection is partnering with the Cohen Syndrome Association (CSA) to honor our sweet daughter, Clara, and Katherine Christoff. We will have a fabulous jewelry trunk show, silent auction, and array of brunch goodies and hot beverages. This is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your Christmas, teacher appreciation, or birthday shopping and do some purposeful purchasing. Your purchases will not only be supporting women and children around the world through Noonday Collection, but our very own Clara and Katherine, who were both diagnosed with Cohen syndrome. 

If you would like to attend in person, and have not yet recieved an invitation with location details, please let me know and I will get you an invitation!
If you cannot attend, please consider supporting this fundraiser by shopping our online trunkshow link here. 

Our sweet Clara's story...
In November of 2013, after a solid year of procedures and testing, we finally received Clara's diagnosis of Cohen syndrome. Clara was just 18 months old. Mutations in the VPS13B gene (also called the COH1 gene) cause Cohen syndrome.
While the road is not easy, we considered it a blessing to have a firm diagnosis, one that explains and gives insight to her beautiful, unique personality. 
Each year in November we hold a fundraiser to honor Clara's diagnosis month, raise money for CSA, and celebrate the special needs community. Due to the rarity of Cohen syndrome (less than 1,000 cases worldwide), the CSA does not quality for grants or like funding opportunities, so parent fundraisers are so important! 
We cherish this fundraiser event and our hope in continuing the tradition is to convey the message to families that a person with special needs is just that, a person first. A person worth celebrating! Is raising a child with special needs extra challenging? Yes. Absolutely yes. But just because something is hard doesn't make it bad or scary or sad even. Even in the challenges we are confident Clara is exactly who she was created to be, not broken or less than in any way. She is a joy, a light, and God's good gift to us.

How the fundraiser will work...
We pray that you can join us and help fundraise by bidding on silent auction Noonday items that will be on display starting at 10:00am. We will announce highest bidders at noon. During the silent auction, trunkshow items will be available for sale as normal. Items can also be purchased online as mentioned above. All proceeds from silent auction and commissions from trunkshow and online purchases will go to the CSA (not to the Blackburn or Christoff families). We are hoping to raise as much as possible to support the mission to create Cohen syndrome awareness and provide funds for reserach and development. 

2014 Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a
2016 Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a 
2016 Spirit Night at Chick-fil-a
Thank you for your love and ongoing support! 

Want more information? See links below...
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  1. This is such a great idea! I'm sad I can't be there in person on the 18th, but Amanda and I just made a little online purchase - happy to support those sweet girls AND look cuter in the process ;)

  2. Ditto to Allison- sorry we are going to miss the actual event, but thankful we still had the opportunity to participate... a worthy cause near and dear to our hearts, indeed!


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