Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snippets of Summer (2017)

We are rocking and rolling our way though summer. We've been having lots of fun, trying to stay cool (because hello, Houston heat), trying to stay well (lots of sickness this go-round) and trying to explain to Camille for the 500th time that no, we can't just hop on a plane at any given moment and fly to Hawaii. (#spoiled) She keeps offering her piggy bank as a means to get us there and I keep explaining that while that is very thoughtful and generous, $2.50 is not going to cut it. 

Here's a bit of our July in pictures. . . 

Park time. . . 

Swim lessons and continual water days to keep cool. . . Look who learned to float!

Why are kids in goggles so hilarious looking? Especially when they don't wear them properly.

Visited the carousel . . . always a favorite.

 Had a cousin sleepover for the first time . . . thankfully, they really did sleep!

Made the drive to Moody Gardens for the first time (with the kids at least). . . they were really loving it in the picture below. 

It was at this point in our visit that Clara assumed she could climb in the display (because to her any standing body of water is an invitation to hop right in). When I saw what was happening I immediately began to pull her leg back over the glass and the exhibit attendant immediately let us know she could escort us out for not following the rules and causing chaos. A few choice words were exchanged at this point. I can't even deal. #hello #clearlyshe'sdifferent #doyouseeherflappingandheadphones #let'sallcalmdown #forthelove

In an effort to not have the TV on all the live long day, we've been growing things, baking things, creating things, and playing dress up. 

Yes, we let the three year old tie dye t-shirts for herself and her sister. It was actually really fun! 

Clara landed herself in the ER last week for a 105.5  fever and various other symptoms. Thankfully, after some extensive testing, Dr's ruled it just a bad virus. It was very, very scary. Also, why do these things happen at 3am when spouse is out of town? Always.

Later that day she took a 4 hour nap (!!) and seemed to be perking up. Love this girl so much.

Here's to a great rest of summer 2017! 


  1. Hey, you don't need me to adopt you for fun summer activities - you have been having plenty of fun of your own! Minus the jerk at Moody Gardens... and the ER trip. I feel like we haven't seen you guys much the first part of summer so let's change that for the last part!

  2. Oh my gosh- 105.5?!?!?! That is terrifying! Glad she is okay! Those girls are just too precious...but it's really inhumane that you don't just take them to Hawaii every week. Worst mom ever!!! ;)

  3. 1. I'm loving your long hair! 2. Camille with the blonde wig = amazing! 3. I'm glad you went mama bear on the jerk at Moody Gardens- go, girl! 4. Super scary about the fever- I'm glad she's ok!!

  4. Yikes!!! So glad that she is feeling better. That fever sounds beyond scary, especially alone and late at night!!!! Your summer looks awesome so far!


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