Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Camille's downtown debut

Brandon gave Camille the offer of a lifetime when he woke her up Monday morning, at the bright hour of 6:30, and asked her, "Camille, do you want to go to work with daddy today?"

By 6:45am her bag was packed and she was off.

She's just a little bit excited. Just a little bit. 

When Brandon first proposed this to me I looked at him like he had lost his loving mind. Take your three year old to work day doesn't sound like the most productive day, if you know what I mean. But he knew it would be a slower day with the following day being a holiday/July 4th, and he was planning to leave by 1:30pm anyways, to get to Clara's party by 2pm, so it seemed like if there was ever going to be an ideal bring your three year old to work day, this was it.

She thought she was the coolest kid around because "MOMMY! I GOT A WORK BADGE!"

Her mind was blown upon arrival. "MOMMY! Did you know daddy's work HAS A SECRET PASSAGE???!! You go DOWN AND DOWN AND DOWN TO THE GROUND!"

Aka the parking garage. . . :)

She pushed all the buttons . . .

She got donuts . . . 

And played a new game on the iPad . . .

She played with "toys." "MOMMY! DADDY"S WORK HAS TOYS! DID YOU KNOW THAT?"

She took walks to meet coworkers and played with their "toys." "MOMMY! THERE'S SO MANY PEOPLE AT WORK!!" 

She admired the view  . . . 

She acted like she owned the elevator entire building. . . 

She was treated to lunch at Chick-fil-a . . .

And then ice-cream at Tiny's Milk & Cookies . . . (I may or may not be jealous of this one).

And she passed out on the way home, heart full and love-tank filled to the max.

She was majorly disappointed this morning when she learned she was spending the day at home with me instead of heading to the secret passage with daddy, but who knows, maybe her next visit downtown will come sooner rather than later.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love this!! (I also love her cute freckles, FYI!) I wish my work would let me do something like this... Brian might be able to get away with it, but probably only for an hour or two. Thankful that Brandon has a job that welcomes little visitors like this!!

  2. Donuts? CFA? Ice cream? Toys? New friends? I want to go to work with Brandon!!!

  3. Her freckles are so dang cute!!!

  4. What I love the 2nd most, besides what awesome parents you two are!, is how every time I enter the parking garage in my office building from now on I will instantly think to myself "SECRET PASSAGE, YAY!" :-)

  5. Ummmm this is the greatest thing EVER!!! I can't believe Brandon gets to go in a SECRET PASSAGE every day!! What luck! Seriously, what a fun day! I've brought Millie to work for the day with me a few times, and recently I've been pleasantly impressed with how I actually CAN still be productive, even with her around. The power of iPhones and iPads should not be underestimated here, hahahaha. But now every morning she begs to go to work with Mommy instead of school, so maybe it wasn't such a hot idea. ;) Glad they had a blast!


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