Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

We enjoyed a family filled Easter weekend. Clara had school on Good Friday but the rest of us spent the morning together (playing outside, eating hash browns - Camille's choice of course), and then headed to Clara's school that afternoon for their egg hunt/Easter party. We were five minutes late (thank you very much highway 59 traffic) and thus missed the entire hunt. I was so sad to miss it but we still were able to socialize with some other parents and watch the kids play and eat way too much candy. I didn't snap any pics, so you better believe I snapped plenty from our church's Big Bunny Party on Saturday.

I so appreciate that our church opens the party an hour early for special needs kids and their families! This makes Clara's experience (and thus ours) a million times more pleasant. Events like this can be very overwhelming for Clara and kids with similar sensory struggles, so a lighter crowd and less noise is game changer!

Clara wasn't quite as into it this year as she was last year for whatever reason, but she did have fun riding in the wagon and bouncing a bit in the bounce house. And another bonus? We got to see our sweet friends the Christoffs. Their daughter, Katherine, also has Cohen Syndrome and we just love getting together with them when we can (which isn't often enough!). Camille had a blast asking to play every single game and then crying when it was her turn. :) She hit up the petting zoo like a champ until a baby pig squealed in her face. . . so there's that. You can imagine how that went down.

 Our Cohen's girls. . . trying to avoid the picture opp. . . :)

Saturday evening the girls in my First Family (aka small group) got together for pedicures and dinner. After our annual night out we always question,  "Why do we not do this more often???" The coolest part? Someone surprised us (still no idea if it was another table or the restaurant) and paid for our ENTIRE TABLE. I still have chills thinking about it. Talk about being inspired to pay it forward. . . 

It was a great weekend filled with family and friends and reflecting on the power and promise of our eternal Savior. While I am thankful for egg hunts and a little pampering and a free meal, I am even more grateful for the gift of Jesus and the life and death He CHOSE for me. And you. Praise Him.


  1. What a fun weekend (particularly the Saturday night part, ha)! Love the girls' cute Easter tops and I'm impressed that they were so friendly with the giant bunny (unlike my two)!

  2. Great pictures of a fun weekend! (See?! They had plenty of fun on Friday and Saturday, so you are officially not a slacker ;) I really love that someone paid for everyone's meal on Saturday night - such a touching gesture!


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