Thursday, March 3, 2016

The one video you need to watch if you need some comic relief . . .

Y'all. . . I have no words. I do not even know where she got these moves. This video is not in slo-mo. Nope, she's just moving her hips like that on her own! Laughing hysterically does not even begin to describe my state when watching this video for the millionth time. You're welcome. Though you can't quite hear the song, it's one from the Peanuts movie soundtrack. Play it at home and maybe your toddler will bust a move, too. 

Happy Thursday and happy laughing! 



  1. Ha this is so awesome! I'm waiting for her to drop down and start twerking or something!

  2. Ha!! CLEARLY she got those moves from her mama ;)

  3. Love it! Future "So You Think You Can Dance" contestant here :-)

  4. NOOO it won't let me view it!!

  5. SO FUNNY!!! She got some moves!


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